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About the Artist

Mark B. Cleveland is a contemporary visual artist exploring the unique beauty and connectedness we share in everyday life represented in contemporary urban and natural landscapes in Oil. His work echoes the “Ashcan School” of Post-Impressionist American Art. He is best known for his gritty, street level urban cityscapes which employ traditional use of underpainting and glazing techniques to create a rich depth of color and perspective in otherwise unlikely settings.

An avid fly fisherman, he began his career by contributing detailed illustrations to outdoor fishing magazines. A graduate of Northwestern University, he attended classes at the “American Academy of Art" where he focused on use of color and composition. Currently, the artist is exploring the traditional techniques used "en Plein Air" provided through the Palette & Chisel Academy and Plein Air Painters of Chicago. He is also an accomplished stained glassier which heavily influences the way he captures the spiritual element of light in his work.

As a young man he was adopted by a Native American spiritual elder who encouraged him to explore that part of his heritage. This passionate and rich journey led to decades of service to the Native American Community, an intimate immersion in wilderness and Indigenous culture. This foundation continues to influence his work as an accomplished artist and world musician.


Affiliations & Roles

Program Director Evanston Plein Air Festival 2022, Co- Director: Plein Air Painters of Chicago,

Member: Oil Painters of America, Palette & Chisel Academy of Chicago, the Northshore Art League, Elliot Donnelley Trout Unlimited, Trickster Native American Cultural Center, Evanston-made

In the Media: 

Evanston Roundtable:

  • Honorable Mention: "Let's Get Lunch" Prairie State Plein Air Competition 2022Judge’s Notes: This painting is very inviting, friendly, and has a welcoming mood. An excellent blending of realism and painterly interpretation. A nice study of how to capture hard architectural surfaces. Good light/shadow pattern creates solid dimensional shapes

  • The art of making art: "What he discovered was amazing beauty and untold stories all around Evanston." inspiration and method" Oct 11, 2021 Jean Cunningham


Markclevelandart LLC is a registered Limited Liability Corp. in Illinois

If you would like to use any of this material for any purpose, you must obtain written permission from the artist below. All images, stories and trademarks found on or social media are the personal property of this artist - Copyrighted and protected © 2021 Markclevelandart  - All rights reserved.-  

Mark Cleveland

Mark resides in the Chicagoland area with his wife and enjoys fly fishing in his free time.

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